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Ostraca - Deathless Tape

Ostraca - Deathless Tape

Hailing from the so-called screamo capitol of the world, Richmond, VA., "Deathless" may be the best thing you've ever heard. No, we're not kidding.

Honing in the sounds of the historic screamo bands before them, such as Usurp Synapse, CTTS, and City of Caterpillar, Ostraca take those strong influences and dial them up to 10, giving us what many would call the greatest screamo album of our generation.

"Arguably one of the most refined and impressive screamo albums in recent memory... Deathless combines rapid, near-grind shredding, metallic and foreboding melodies, impeccably placed softer passages, and, with their final track, an enveloping wall of noise that threatens to swallow unwary listeners. Amidst it all, deathless maintains a relentlessly dark and worn tone, at times subjecting the listener to such violent catharsis that feels equal parts beautiful and oppressive." - Funeral Sounds