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Untold Want / Ostraca / Vril / Coma Regalia 10"

Untold Want / Ostraca / Vril / Coma Regalia 10"

11 EUR
These four bands of friends are probably America's most promising in the underground scene these days. On this four way 10" split they bring you variations on the theme of empathy in the modern world.

UNTOLD WANT (formerly Iwakura) drop four poisonous tracks of screamy hardcore.
OSTRACA continue their paths from their current album "Last" and offer up two beautifully constructed screamo opus'.
VRIL commit three blistering and volatile hardcore songs with highly refreshing and emotional female vocals, while COMA REGALIA bring their A game with three more chaotic, screamo gems.

This split 10" is co-released with Middle-Man Records and Zegema Beach Records and comes on grey vinyl with white smoke!